Customer Information concerning the US-Government Shutdown

The so-called “Shutdown”of the United States Government is finally over (for now) but its consequences can unfortunately still effect our Services.

Imports into the USA

  • Due to the Shutdown, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has significantly less employees working on pre-approving imports into the U.S. Therefor it takes the EPA much longer to process these approvals, and U.S. Customs may reject your import at arrival if the approval letter is not ready.
  • At the EPA’s Light Duty Vehicle Center the Staff are currently on forced leave. Exemption letters for racing vehicles will not be available until they are back in the office.
  • Also due to the number of government workers on forced leave there may be delays on container examinations upon import.

Exports out of the USA

U.S. Customs export:
Extended Wait times for examinations.

Clearance of vehicles exports:
Wait times for title have all been extended by at least 36 hours.

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